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Brene Brown says that, “maybe stories are just data with a soul.” If you’re struggling with telling your story as a brand or business, if you know what you want to say but don’t know how to say it, I can help you breathe life into your story! Whether it’s copy or content writing for your website, social media, design publication, or blog, I excel at putting the pieces of a story together in a meaningful way.


I love working with passionate change makers who want to show off their products and services! My process is very co-creative and collaborative. I know that you are the expert of your story - my job is to cheer you on and celebrate your value through top quality copy and content.

My topics of expertise:

  • Health and wellness

  • Culture and design

  • Social innovation and social impact

Don't see your passion above? Tell me more about your story to see how we can work together.

My copy services include:

  • Website copy

  • Email newsletters

  • Social media ads

  • Editing and proofreading

I’ll work with you to convince your audience to take an action, moving from curious to committed. We’ll ensure that your story is told through conversational and persuasive copy, catering to your target audience.

My content services include:

  • Blogs

  • Articles

  • White papers

  • Publications

Together, we’ll establish trust with your audience and position you as an expert in your field. I’ll ensure that your content tells the story of your products and services in a way that entertains and educates the people who matter to you.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You’re just starting to build your business from the ground up

  • You struggle putting the pieces of your brand story together in a meaningful and magical way

  • You want community, not just customers or followers

  • You want to add warmth and humanity to your brand

  • You need to go from sticky notes to a polished yet captivating solution

What to expect:

  • Once you fill out this form, I will email you to set up a free 30 minute discover call to discuss your story’s unique copy or content needs

  • Storytelling strategy to meet your needs

  • First draft of story, with up to a second and third draft if necessary

  • A co-creative, collaborative process - I can’t write copy or create content without the mastermind behind the story - you!

What you get:

  • Clear strategy guide for your story’s needs 

  • Style guide of your brand/product/service’s personality, type, colour, mood boards, and examples of best practices

  • Meaningful, magical copy that authentically articulates your value propositions through a compelling story

  • Tools and tips for implementing your story at all levels of your brand/product/service experience

Are you ready to be the author of your story?