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The Game Changer: 

Embedding Empathy

into Your Culture

Why empathy? This is a question that has driven my career as a storyteller and human-centred designer. From working in social services to designing a storytelling tool, I’ve come to understand what it means to be empathic in an increasingly divided and afraid world. Empathy encourages us to connect with each other, be more creative, and respond to change - all with long term impact.


So what does empathy mean for workplace culture? Everything: empathy helps teams achieve connection, foster creativity, and manage change - if done so with the right tools. The Game Changer is not your typical corporate culture workshop. We won’t do cheesy team building activities, nor will we force big solutions out of cold data. Instead, I’ll talk about the growing body of work in wellness, twenty first century skills, and what makes us live, work, and play better - all through my proprietary tool. Together, we will dive into the messiness of human interaction,

co-creating strategies tailored to your team’s needs.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready to transform your workplace from complacent to purposeful

  • You’re struggling with getting everybody on the same page (with respect to your company values)

  • You want to show that you care about your employees and not just financial impact

  • You want to take better care of your team

  • You understand the impact of empathy on culture but don’t know how to implement it in a meaningful way

What to expect:

  • Once you fill out this form, I will email you to set up a free 30 minute discovery call to discuss your team’s unique needs

  • An engaging, empowering, and educational workshop with your team at your company HQ

  • The use of play to learn how empathy can boost your company culture

  • Group sessions to brainstorm tangible, step by step strategies

  • Opportunities to build culture and teams in a no BS, no fluff way

  • Knowledge and insight into what empathy truly is (it’s not just a trend or buzzword!)

What you get:

  • An action plan/strategy on how to embed empathy into your company culture and create target outcomes for your team

  • Arsenal of tools, tips, and tricks to encourage your team to practice empathy in all parts of your company culture and initiatives

  • Resources and best practices of empathic culture

Are you ready to transform your team from complacent to a community?