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"Camille brought a warm and thoughtful presence to our presentation of Trophy in Toronto.

Sharing her story with humour and generosity, she created a welcoming space for audience members to reflect on their own lived experiences and she deftly facilitated intimate conversations around change. She was a joy to collaborate with: courageous, rigorous, and kind."

- Sarah Conn, Director & Producer of Trophy

I never thought I would love speaking in front of an audience, but life has taught me that we can all surprise ourselves if we take that leap of faith. Having been called shy, soft spoken, and sensitive, the story I used to tell myself was that I could not be in the spotlight or have a leadership role. Going through personal and professional turning points taught me how to redefine myself into who I really am: daring in my vulnerability, unwavering in my passion, and inspiring in my authenticity. I know what it’s like to feel lost, depressed, and unlovable. I teach audiences my story of learning how to pivot, forge your own path, and love every part of yourself.


Are you hosting a girls/women’s empowerment and personal development event? If you want someone who understands what it’s like to be terrified of following your true passion and be your authentic self - and still make that leap of faith - that’s me!

My current speaking topics include:

  • How to be the hero and author of your story

  • How to manage stress using R.E.A.L. self care

  • Nerds for change: how to use your nerdiness to change the world

This is perfect for you if:

  • You want someone who talks the talk and walks the walk of empathy

  • You want your audience to feel inspired, celebrated, and empowered

  • You don’t know how to be the hero and author of your own story

  • You’re struggling with coming to terms with your nerdiness

  • You want to make making the world a better place more joyful and meaningful

  • You want to break free from your old stories and labels

What to expect:

  • Once you fill out this form, I will email you to set up a free 30 minute discover call to discuss your event’s unique needs

  • An honest, heartfelt, and real account of how you can transform your life by looking at and rewriting your story

  • Real advice on what it means to be empathic

  • Tips and strategies for overcoming fear, shyness, and playing small

What you get:

  • Tips on:

    • How to define yourself on your own terms

    • How to assess your nerd strengths and use them to make the world a better place

  • Self care truth bombs and real talk

  • Strategies to ask better questions that will give you clarity on your goals and dreams

  • Real life advice on health and wellness trends, what corporate empathy and storytelling get wrong, and what it means to be an activist and changemaker

Are you ready to work together to empower your audience?